Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday night

As I mentioned earlier, we have a long layover in Atlanta. It just got longer. The new schedule shows us leaving at 11:30 EST.  That means Nashville at around 11:35 CST. 
Everyone is chilling. 


We had a worship service this morning before we left the hotel. It was a great way to leave Danli on a high note. 

We then headed to Tegu to the airport. Not a bad drive. I tried to get Tiffany to drive part of the way, but she said she had already driven enough. 😜
We made it through Tegu security with minimal issues. We did have 1 person who had to go back through, but we all made it on the plane. 

We just landed in Atlanta and made it through all of the checks. 

Now we wait. We have a 5 hour delay before heading to Nashville. 

We were all starved so we headed to eat as soon as we could. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday afternoon

We went to a little area in town that serves hamburgers on on side and pizza / pastas on the other. Very good food. 

All week Tiffany has been asking me to let her drive the van so I finally gave in today. 
As you can tell, Faith was thrilled that Tiffany was driving. 😁


We loaded up the equipment this morning so it could be taken back to storage until the next medical campaign. We also said our goodbyes to everyone heading home today. The only folks left here are our 7, the 3 from TN that travel with us, and Phil. He is going to help us get to the airport tomorrow. 

Our group decided to make the trek up to the cross landmark here in Danli. According to my Fitbit, we made almost 3000 steps up to it and back. It is up a steep hill about 450 feet up. 

It was a workout for sure. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday continued

On the way to Valley of the Angels, we came across cattle being herded in the road. 

We did get a great meal there. Not sure the name, but they sue did bring out a lot of food. 

We did some shopping. Tiffany found a neat item but I was able to talk her out of it. 

It started raining just as we were loading the bus to head back. 

And here is our driver concentrating on the road. 


We got to sleep in today. Breakfast was at 7:00 instead of 6:30. We are now headed to the Valley of the Angels. There are 29 of us headed there. 

I get to share a seat with one of our translators. His name is David and he is 12. 

Like my daughter Emily, he hates to have his picture taken. It was a challenge. 

I'll post more later. 

Love you all!  God is good!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016


We started out the day with a message from Phil. Very uplifting. 

Today was the last day of the clinic. I have been so busy trying to take care of getting as many people through the clinic as possible but also taking care of the folks working in the clinic. Tough job!

We closed the clinic at 2:00 and spent the next 2 hours packing up. All of the medical equipment is now back at the hotel. 

We managed to gather most of the folks together for a group picture. I did not get to take a picture but Jack assures me I will have a copy. 

We are now having the final night of the meeting. 

Once we finish around 6:00, some of the local brethren will come back to the hotel for dinner and then head home.