Thursday, July 26, 2018


God is good!  We have had 12 baptisms today!!  After the first one on Monday, we have been having someone holding the legs of those being immersed. That person’s legs came up as there head went under and the preacher tried 3 more times before he finally got them completely under. As of this afternoon just before the evening service, we have had a total of 20 new Christians added to the church. Here are a few of those baptized today.

 Last day for the clinic so folks are trying to take pictures as time permits. This family was busy in the clinic all week.

This lady came in this afternoon after a bible study at her home. She wanted to be baptized in her own clothes. She brought her own towel and clothes to change into. She cried after we got her out of the pool.
I always knew Jordan was a star, but now I have proof!!
As I mentioned earlier, Adrian Jimenez is the local preacher.  He has worked very hard this week to help in any way he can.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wednesday evening

We had two more baptisms yesterday and we had seven baptisms today.  The total is twelve baptisms and three restorations.

Adrian Jimenez is the local preacher.  He has been great to work with.  His wife has been working at the registration table all week.  Very nice couple!

This is what the line looked like when we opened the clinic Wednesday morning.  The blue pop-up is where the vet worked most of the week.  This picture was taken just after he started on Wednesday.

Here is one of the new members with the group that did the Bible study with him. 
This is Ms. Sue.  She is in charge of the children's class.  A super lady and a great Christian woman!  Mark Prichard managed to get in the picture. 
One of the children attending class.  He had not said a word until I got ready to take his picture. 
So Wednesday afternoon, we experienced what I would call a monsoon!  It rained hard and for an extended period.  We had to shut down the vet area and was able to get most of it in the main building before it was ruined.  Here is a happy camper back at the hotel finally able to change clothes.  There were about six of us that were soaked.

Wednesday morning

Tanner is speaking to the group this morning during devo.  Jose Rodriguez is interpreting for him.
A very tired Jackie.  It has been good week but we have had a busy time in the clinic.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


 It has been a good day in Panama.  We opened the clinic after the morning devo and went to work.

Phil leading singing at the devo.

 These three worked with me to keep the clinic flowing.

Providers (doctors) and nurses in the clinic.

 This is the Physical Therapy team.  And yes, they are using a freezer as a table.  These guys are really getting into their work (maybe too much).

Although it was difficult, I was able to catch Tanner still long enough to take a picture. 
Mark doing his usual great job watching the door.

Bible studies. 
Tanner found a friend.
Some folks still wear traditional dresses.
Today was surgery day at the vets area!
Teen class tonight.
We had one baptism at the meeting last night and one this morning.  Total of five so far.

Monday, July 23, 2018


First baptism

Second baptism

Third baptism

Phil playing Moses for the kids class.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday evening update

The clinic is open!

 We even have a vet this year!

Faith always manages to find the babies.

New converts class.  Faith and Lacey sat in for support for these three young ladies.

Sunday night adult service.

Sunday evening children's class.
Teen class.